Spreading Art and Culture from Hyogo Prefecture’s Tajima Province: Unique Venue “Todohyo”

At Todohyo, diverse operations are underway, and we’d like to introduce you to our main services and activities.

Todohyo serves as a bustling hub in a local city, offering shop, café, and restaurant services. Additionally, it provides public spaces such as garden areas, office spaces, coworking spaces, and residential rooms for anyone to use.

Renovating a traditional inn with over 90 years of history, Todohyo features a grand banquet hall with approximately 70 tatami mats, Western-style rooms built with reinforced concrete, and a micro MICE room available for rental, catering to various purposes. These spaces are utilized not only for banquets and dining but also for events such as live performances, exhibitions, and online seminars, proposing the value of utilizing historic buildings as unique venues.

While actively promoting culture in Toyooka, how did you arrive at your current operating style?

Large historic buildings like ours are commonly used as historical archives or museums. However, such forms require a significant number of staff and maintenance costs, leading to challenging financial situations. Therefore, we thought it would be best to establish a complex facility where each section has its own role and operators manage their respective areas.

By providing the entire rare facility of a historic building as a venue for activities, we can expect synergistic effects. We aim to create a facility that benefits various stakeholders, with many involved in preservation, hoping to leave behind a property that future generations will appreciate. This led to our current operating style.

In your operations so far, have there been any particularly impressive events?

Hosting a music and art festival across the entire building was a special event that proposed a new way of festivals. In the rare setting of a Japanese-style historic building, a space was created where visitors could enjoy art through music performances by DJs and live musicians from around the world, as well as art sales by VFX (visual effects) and artists. Using both indoor and outdoor spaces totaling 1200 square meters, we were able to embody the new value of the building as a festival venue suitable for all weather conditions.

How do you perceive the characteristics and charms of the Tajima Province and its residents?

As people here naturally spend time in a rich natural environment, many tend to be a bit shy about flashy things. In the Tajima Province, where there is a high-quality food and living environment, many find charm in living in this region rather than relying on urban areas.

However, many young people born and raised in this region leave for urban areas for education and employment due to their aspirations. Therefore, I have the impression that local governments and residents are actively involved in activities with their thoughts.

Please tell us about the future goals and prospects of Todohyo.

We aim to have more businesses utilize historic buildings revitalized from demolition plans and deliver attractive activities unique to regional cities. We want to actively incorporate unique activities without focusing on urban areas and contribute to the vibrancy of the region both locally and externally.

To achieve this, we plan to offer membership services and conduct tours where the facility can be freely used. We would be delighted if increasing awareness as a platform for disseminating information outside the region leads to more people getting involved with the facility while feeling its benefits. Moving forward, we aim to collaborate with activities in small regions and neighboring areas like Feel Records to create mutually beneficial relationships that generate synergistic effects.

Website : https://todohyo.com/
Address : 18-1 Chuomachi, Toyooka City, Hyogo 668-0033, Japan