A phono cartridge is meticulously assembled from up to 45 individual parts.

We, as a company, manufacture over 2,300 different types of phono cartridges,
with each and every component being molded in-house.

Through our extensive history and research,
we have reached the pinnacle of custom phono cartridges.

Our skilled artisans, possessing exceptional expertise,
offer customizations to tailor the sound quality of guest-owned phono cartridges according to their preferences.

The custom stylus can be experienced through the audio systems in our listening rooms.

Delight in the pleasure of listening to records with your very own premium custom phono cartridge.

*Custom stylus services are provided as an optional offering.
*There may be certain products that fall outside the scope of our service.
*Customizations can only be performed within the specifications allowed by the phono cartridge.