Discover Three Services Catered to Vinyl Enthusiasts at “Feel Records Kyoto Hanare”

Vinyl records, revered for their meticulous attention to musical detail, have garnered a dedicated following. Stemming from this reverence, “Feel Records Kyoto Hanare” endeavors to create an environment where enthusiasts can fully immerse themselves in the allure of vinyl.

Today, we’re excited to unveil three distinct services offered at “Feel Records Kyoto Hanare” for our discerning clientele:

Explore Unique Finds with “Shared Records”

At “Feel Records Kyoto Hanare,” we curate a collection of “Shared Records” meticulously selected by our music-loving shelf owners. Each shelf boasts a diverse array of records from different owners, ensuring a broad spectrum of genres. Delve into our unique selection and discover your next favorite record.

Dive into Record Store Highlights:

borzoi record

A Tottori City-based music emporium offering an extensive selection of new releases and pre-owned records. With shelves curated by a knowledgeable owner, enthusiasts of all levels will find captivating titles.

borzoi record Blog:


A Nagoya-based specialty store focusing on 1960s and 1970s UK and US rock. Their carefully curated selection encapsulates the essence of rock music, presenting must-listen titles for aficionados.

SORC Website:

Akasaka Base

A Tokyo-based music studio specializing in sound goods development. Offering an eclectic range of records spanning popular genres like J-POP, rock, and AOR, their selection is tailored for discerning audiophiles.

Akasaka Base Website:

Studio S

Recording Studio operated by DJ Shark, a renowned prominent DJ Producer figure in Kyoto’s Hip Hop scene. Alongside his focus on dance music, the collection features a variety of well-known titles often used as Sampling Sources. Whether you’re a Vinyl Collector, DJ or a Musician, this selection comes highly recommended for exploring new sounds and finding inspiration.

Experience “Oto no Ma” – Your Ultimate Sound Sanctuary

Nestled on the second floor of “Feel Records Kyoto Hana,” “Oto no Ma” is a secluded listening sanctuary equipped with high-end audio systems, perfect for the serene ambiance of traditional Japanese rooms. Here, patrons can not only indulge in vinyl listening sessions but also test out JICO styluses from our inventory. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our bespoke sound space and rediscover the magic of vinyl.

For “Oto no Ma” bookings

  • Pricing: ¥1,500 (tax inclusive) per person for a one-hour session
  • Maximum Capacity: 3 individuals

*Prior reservations are recommended due to limited availability.

“Keep Record” Service for Enjoying Records without a Listening Setup

“I’m want to enjoy vinyl records but lack the necessary equipment…”In response to such customer requests, “Feel Records Kyoto Hanare” provides a “Keep Record Service” designed to store purchased records from our store. These stored records can be enjoyed in our “Oto no Ma” listening space or utilized as ambient background music within the store. Feel welcome to drop by whenever you’re ready to delve into the world of vinyl.

Additionally, we extend a resale option for records purchased from our store. Please feel free to take advantage of this service at your convenience.

Details on our “Keep Record” service

  • Pricing: Record purchase price + ¥100

*Records will be retained for resale unless there’s no visit or usage for over a year.

Feel free to drop by and experience the magic of “Feel Records Kyoto Hanare” firsthand.

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