An Analog Moment in the Town of Records and Hot Springs, Shinonsencho

In the charming town of Shinonsencho, where Feel Records is located, you’ll find delightful places to enjoy vinyl. Let’s introduce a few of them.

Firstly, about 15 minutes by car from Feel Records, there’s the Yumura Onsen area. Yumura Onsen, known as the setting for the drama ‘Yumechiyo Nikki’ starring Sayuri Yoshinaga, is said to have been discovered by Jikaku Daishi around 1200 years ago. The main hot spring, called ‘Arayu,’ gushes out 470 liters per minute at a scorching 98 degrees Celsius. This weak alkaline spring is gentle on the skin, leaving you refreshed and warm from the inside out, with smooth and silky skin after a soak.

Source : Hyogo!navi

Located in the quaint hot spring town, the inns like “Kasenkyo Izutsuya,” “Yukemuri no Yado Asanoya,” and “Oyado Kotobuki” have record players in their lobbies and lounges, providing guests with a unique welcome through vinyl. Listening to records in the leisurely flow of time during your travels adds a special touch.

Additionally, at the soba restaurant “Loan Yumura” near Arayu, you can savor handmade soba while enjoying the sound of vinyl. The atmosphere transforms into an adult Cafe & Bar named “Tasogare Begin” in the evening, adding a mature vibe to the place.

At the “Shinonsencho Machiaruki Information Center Matsureian,” located in front of JR Saka Station and serving as the starting point for journeys to Feel Records and Yumura Onsen, you can also enjoy records. Utilizing a store built 100 years ago at the opening of the station, the facility includes a listening room using a warehouse, offering an authentic analog experience.

Source : Sanin Kaigan Geopark

In these featured places, we proudly use JICO’s record needles. Through this connection, we’ve placed Feel Records’ brochures, and we would be delighted if you could pick one up when you see them.

An analog moment in Shinonsencho. A nostalgic experience woven by records and hot springs. Why not embark on a healing journey for your soul?”